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We have the Unique Human Hair Store in Spain and the largest in the world. For they have a large stock constantly on all hair types and a wide range of colors and sizes ready to use in making wigs, hairpieces, extensions and other work ...

So we can supply the required quantities without delay as soon as possible.

We also have a large stock of hair and prepared for each of the different systems of existing extensions:

- Hair tissue sewn extensions systems.

- Hair loose systems of knotted or twisted.

- Pre-glued hair.

- Other.

In addition to the tools and machines required for each system, with a variety of models to choose from.

All with the assurance that we are a leading company in national and international market about 50 years (demonstrable) exclusively selling hair accessories. That is, dedicated to the hair.

We wish to introduce and to prove to show that our sole business is the sale of hair to national and global level. Sell your hair, prepare and condition the hair for its various utilities such as the making of wigs and hairpieces, or for all and each of the different systems tracts, prepare hair to make natural hair ornaments, and a crowd of other surprising We have jobs ... and we can show at any time all year round in our store that we always have a large stock of hair, in its different types and measures in addition to a wide range of colors. This allows us to talk about the hair not limited to what we can offer and we can offer it all. It is the professional who has to choose with the client's hair to be used, it should be clear!

There are many speculations and lots of information in many cases are not true.

Are proliferating companies that offer their product but unable to have the capacity to dispose of all lengths and colors and hair types in particular, offer their hair as a kind when it is a different one, as is the example of European hair Many offer and European hair but was not, only by its desire to sell, taking advantage of customer ignorance. Sometimes offer it as natural colors, when really they are dyed, others as naturally curly when you really are permanent. Hair that they put a name is not really real, only by its desire to sell. We thank our ability we have all types, and each with its proper name so we can offer just what you need the professional without guile.

To help avoid these scams give some warnings:

There is a case of so-called European hair is like the description says hair of people of European race. This hair comes in various colors, and are usually natural colors (not dyed) is not normal to find many bundles of hair with all the exact same color (if all are the same color and tone, doubt that is European hair .) Also the price is higher than other hair but like everything in life, the good has its price. Usually used for making wigs.

In Justino Delgado does have the 100% real European hair, hair that is usually requested to make wigs, and extensions that are used to prepare other hair extensions especially for a wide range of colors and sizes.

Another type of hair called processed hair. In this hair is given many names and has variants that depend on their preparation. May come from different backgrounds (not European). We give below some basic strokes for information.

This hair needs some preparation for that then the hairdresser to work. We do this preparation and let the hair fully prepared to sell it for any type of work. It occurs in various colors such as European hair, her natural color is dark brown, so always served dyed the desired color. So we have said before that if hair for extensions can say the color is natural undyed, most likely not true. The same applies if it is curly, you will surely be permed. . In Justin if we have naturally curly hair (not permed).

If the hairdresser wants to dye it themselves, they can order it in its natural color (which is a chestnut) or what is more convenient to buy in different colors ready in a wide range. We in our factory we are dedicated to this laborious preparation to get the best quality. Our hair is prepared for us as well as superior quality hair, prepare it so that it has the greatest similarity is with ours. Unlike others who by their coarse texture and natural sheen placed on the head are different from the client's own hair so it is obvious that they are extensions, and really what to look for is any confusion with your own hair . We prepare your hair to look like ours.

Also the hair is sold in different sizes. Measures are called short and medium length hair of a 30 to 40 inches, medium hair, and are also long measures ranging from 40 cms to 80 cms (or longer hair) that are for long hair.

So just who is the stylist to choose the hair used in conjunction with the client or customer.

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