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 Use of cookies in this website

"Cookies" are small files which are stored in a user’s computer and make it possible for us to recognize him or her. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we send through your browser to your computer hard drive so that our systems can recognize your browser and offer you certain services. Although this policy uses the general term cookie, which is the main method used to store information by this website, the “browser local storage” is also used to the same purposes as the cookies are. Consequently, all information included in this section is also applicable to this “local storage”.

The set of “cookies” helps us improve the quality of our web, so that we can control which pages are and which pages are not found useful by our users. Tiendajustinodelgado.com can store cookies when you visit our webpage or they can be placed by other websites or services offering contents in the webpage you are visiting (known as third party cookies). With the information stored in the cookies we can also improve the webpage by estimating the amounts and patterns of use, adapting the website to the individual interests of the users, speeding up searches, etc.

Cookies are essential for internet functioning, generating multiple advantages in the provision of interactive services, making browsing and use of our website more user-friendly. It must be stressed that cookies cannot harm your system and that, instead, their being activated helps us to identify and solve problems.

Tiendajustinodelgado.com does not use cookies that access information stored in your computer hard drive, or that can damage or endanger it. Sensitive information that can lead to personal identification, such as your address, your password, your credit card information, etc., is not stored in our cookies either, nor are they used to address marketing messages to our users depending on how they browse the web or to other marketing purposes, either our own or those of third parties.



It is understood that, when the user is browsing and stays in our website, he or she consents the use of cookies described in our policy on cookies and in the conditions it contains.


Types of cookies used by Tiendajustinodelgado.com

Tiendajustinodelgado.com uses the following types of cookies:

Depending on who manages them:

  • First party cookies: they are sent to your system from our own systems or domains and from the one with which we provide the service requested by the user.
  • Third party cookies: are those that are sent to the user’s system from a system or domain that is not managed by tiendajustinodelgado.com, but by another entity which works in collaboration, such as, for example, those used by social networks.

Depending on how long they remain active:

  • Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that stay in the user’s browser subfolder until the webpage is abandoned, so that they do not stay registered in your computer hard drive. Information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze patterns of traffic in the web, and in the long run, they provide a better experience to improve the content and make it easier to use.

Depending on their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: these cookies are necessary for browsing our webpage and to get it to work properly. For instance, they make it possible to control data traffic and communication, to enter restricted access areas, to complete the purchase process or an order, to use safety features, to store contents to show videos or to share contents through social networks.
  • Cookies for customization: these let the user access services with some features predefined according to several criteria, such as language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from which the service is accessed, etc.
  • Testing cookies: these cookies make it possible to keep track of the number of users and to do statistical measurements and analyses of usage by the users of the services provided. To this end, their browsing activity in our webpage is analyzed in order to improve product and services on offer.

A detailed description of the cookies used in this website, together with their purpose, is included below. 

Technical name

First party / Third party

Expiration period


Purpose Description


Third party (Google)

2 years

Testing cookies

They generate an anonymous user ID, which is the one that is used to keep track of how many times a user enters the website. They also record when was the first and the last time he or she visited the webpage. They also study the user’s behavior and measure the webpage performance. Additionally, they calculate when the session is over, user origin and keywords.


30 minutes


When the browsing session ends




6 months


First party
(Customization of online shop -Prestashop)

20 days

The date and time when the cookie was created (in AAAA-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format).

PrestaShop uses only one encrypted cookie to store all the information of the session, for visitors / customers, as well as for employees / administrators.)


The ID of the selected language.


The ID of the selected currency.


The identifier of the last category of product advertisement that was visited.


Whether the block cart is “folded” or “unfolded”.


The IDs of products seen, as a list of items separated by comas.


The ID of the list currently shown in the block of his or her list.


Whether the “Terms of service” box has been checked (1 yes, 0 no)


The customer ID of the visitor when it has not been authenticated


The ID of connection for the current session of the visitor.


The customer ID of the visitor once authenticated.


The customer’s last name.


The customer’s first name.


Whether the customer has logged in or not.


The _COOKIE_KEY_ en config / settings.inc.php MD5 hash and the password used by the customer to start the session


The email address used by the customer to start the session


The ID of the current cart appearing in the shopping block.


“The Blowfish checksum is used to determine if the cookie has been modified by a third party. If the checksum is not a match, the customer will have the session closed and the cookie will be erased ".


The date and time when the cookie was created (in AAAA-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format).


The ID of the selected language.


The employee’s ID


The employee’s last name


The employee’s first name

email profile

The email address used by the employee to start the session


Profile identification that determines which tabs are accessible to the employee.


The _COOKIE_KEY_ en config / settings.inc.php MD5 hash and the password used by the employee to start the session


“The Blowfish checksum is used to determine if the cookie has been modified by a third party. If the checksum is not a match, the customer will have the session closed and the cookie will be erased ".


Third party (ShareThis)

 9 months

Testing cookie

This cookie is used to keep track of the clicks and other streaming services of the users through the ShareThis network

Cookies and browser adjustments

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser’s setup. The Help tab in the tool bar of most browsers shows how to set up your browser to reject cookies, to report to you when a new cookie is received and to completely inactivate all cookies. Furthermore, you can inactivate or erase similar data used by the browser add-ons, such as Flash Cookies, by changing their configuration or visiting the manufacturer’s website.

In addition, many browsers let you activate a private setup by virtue of which cookies are always erased after your visit. This private setup can be named differently in each browser. If you decide to activate the “private setup”, we recommend you read carefully the assistance section in your browser to better know how to proceed. You will still be able to visit our website even if you browser has the “private setup” activated; however, your browsing through our website may not be optimized and some utilities may not work properly.

If you visit Tiendajustinodelgado.com with your browser set up to accept cookies, we assume that you are giving your consent to our using of cookies and any other technologies that we may use to provide the same services such as they have been described in this disclaimer and in our Privacy Disclaimer. Please note that Tiendajustinodelgado.com may not work as intended without using cookies.




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